The Registered Dietitians (RDs) at Closing the Gap Healthcare Group are regulated health professionals who are uniquely trained to advice on diet, food and nutrition. They use their expertise to help individuals meet their nutritional needs in health or disease at all stages of the life cycle restoring, increasing or promoting their enjoyment of life.

Our Dietitians, assess nutritional needs and provide individualized diet prescriptions; Client and Family Counselling regarding nutritional needs; compatible meal suggestions and provide recommendations on oral supplements or alternate nutritional solutions such as enteral and parenteral feeding when eating is not possible. For those facing end of life the Registered Dietitian provides recommendations to promote comfort and hydration. For young babies and children, the expert advice of the Registered Dietitian promotes nutritional status that focuses on growth and development.

Our Registered Dietitians help you develop nutritional meals that meets your dietary needs. THey offer advice to our clients and families with regards to negative nutrients, diet and drug interactions, safe food storage; and suggest nutrition-related community services and resources while working with the home health care team to promote comfortable and active living.