The Registered Speech-Language Pathologists (S-LPs) at Closing The Gap Healthcare Group are regulated health professionals who have specific knowledge and skills in communication, feeding and swallowing. They assist individuals of all ages to restore their ability to speak fluently, eat and drink safely, and fully communicate with the people in their life.

The SLPs at Closing The Gap Healthcare Group work collaboratively with the home healthcare, school and worksite teams to provide services to children and adults enabling comfortable swallowing, audible speech and language, interaction with family and friends; improved job or school performance, and alternative communication when regular communication strategies are not an option. Our S-LP may be assisted by an Communications Disorders Assistant who will follow through on the prescribed program of speech exercises set out by the S-LP in order to maximize the benefit of the services provided.

Our S-LP services assist our clients to eat and drink comfortably; communicate their needs , initiate conversations and follow directions-in their home, school and while actively living in their community.