The Registered Physiotherapists (PTs) at Closing The Gap Healthcare Group are regulated health professionals who are recognized experts in physical rehabilitation . They use a comprehensive approach to evaluate physical needs and abilities of each individual and family in order to promote optimum enjoyment of life through comfortable mobility, and maximum function.

The PTs at Closing the Gap Healthcare Group, work collaboratively with the home healthcare, school and worksite teams to provide services to children and adults including walking, balance and coordination training; prescription of devices, falls prevention, exercise, body mechanics, pain management, respiratory care, and teaching of strategies for safe home and work practices to reduce injuries.

Our PT may be assisted by an Physiotherapy Assistant who will follow through on the prescribed program of exercises or strengthening activities set out by the PT in order to maximize the benefit of the services provided.

Our PT Services enable our clients to keep moving, breath comfortably and function to the best of their ability at home, school and community.