The Registered Social Workers (SWs) at Closing The Gap Healthcare Group have their Master’s Degree in Social work and their goal is to restore, maintain and enhance our clients and families’ ability to make decisions, access community resources, alleviate stress and manage or modify difficult family situations.

The SWs at Closing The Gap Healthcare Group work collaboratively with the home healthcare, school and family to provide services to individuals of all ages. They assist people to cope with changing roles and relationships; to understand the impact of illness or disability; and they support individuals, caregivers and the home healthcare team to make linkages with community resources. They may assist with determining care needs and promote the individual and families ability to make decisions and emotionally prepare for life changes. SW’s may support families to identify and access financial or community assistance for situations of family conflict, social isolation, parenting or mental health issues; and inform the home healthcare team about opportunities to reduce the risk of abuse or neglect.

Our SW services enable our clients and their families to resolve issues and cope with the complexities of daily living so that they can make informed decisions independently and retain their autonomy and control over their own lives.