Closing the Gap Healthcare Group promotes the health of clients and workers while being aware of our need to protect and sustain the health of the natural environment. Closing the Gap Health Care Group’s core business is that of delivering timely health care services in community. We recognize that this service necessitates the expenditure of non-renewable resources and subsequent release of green house gases.

Closing the Gap Health Care Group is committed to reducing our environmental footprint in our day to day practices through the following steps:

  1. Develop and maintain an Environmental Charter.
  2. Develop a new green business venture, known as Greenly CleanTM. This healthy housekeeping business will be launched within an environmental framework and utilize environmentally positive (contaminant neutral) cleaning products and relevant materials.
  3. Establish and implement a series of prioritized environmental action plans that will reduce the corporation’s overall environmental footprint.

For more information about Greenly Clean™, please click here.