The Registered Occupational Therapists (OTs)  at Closing The Gap Healthcare Group are regulated health professionals who bring a unique ability to address the complex interaction of physical, emotional, cognitive and environmental issues which impact the ability of our clients to enjoy life and remain productive and active members of their community.

The OT’s at Closing The Gap Healthcare Group, work collaboratively with the home healthcare, School, and worksite teams to provide services to children and adults with an approach which addresses the critical life skills required for independent living  including self care, homemaking, banking, shopping and leisure as well as worksite assessment and recommendations; access to the school curriculum and home safety.  Our OT may be assisted by an Occupational Therapy Assistant who will follow through on the prescribed program of activities set out by the OT in order to maximize the benefit of the services provided.

Our OT services enable our clients to develop skills and ability to fully participate in their community by addressing issues of memory, organization, energy conservation, pain, and mobility.