What People Say About Working with Us:

The Work Environment

The Leadership

The People

The Work Environment:

Our professionals tell us that CTG is a place where professionals feel empowered, listened to, and where they receive excellent support from their supervisor and practice leaders.  They say our mission is completely client focused and that as a team we strive to provide the best care in all areas.  The work is flexible and provides opportunity for independence, initiative and growth

They say,

“Very client focused and supportive of front line staff”

“I am comfortable, I can go to them and I will be listened to”

“This is a workplace where I feel empowered”

“”The work is very stimulating, the industry is dynamic and the flexible hours are ideal for my children”

The Leadership:

Our professionals tell us that our team is incredible.  They tackle any and all issues with the outmost professionalism.  Our supervisors are always available

for support and provision of resources.  Our staff tell us that we are always looking forward to being in the forefront of community care.

They say,

“Our Professional practise leader has been excellent, a great resource, supportive and easily accessible”

“…very client focused as well as supportive of front line staff”

“ We practice what we preach-quality and integrity driven company”

“strong policies, client focus, innovation in meeting challenges”

The People:

Our professionals tell us that working at CTG gives them an opportunity to work with a tremendous group of people.  Our teams work together to provide the best care in all areas.  We are client focused and supportive of front line workers.  Our administrative teams are professional and each individual has a voice that people listen to here.  They say they have never worked for a company or a team more safety conscious and that our Occupational Health and Safety teams do a great job.

They say,

“They are a tremendous group of people”

“very supportive”

“ the care that I give reflects directly on our team of staff”

“I have opportunity to consult regularly with colleagues and great staff to work with –wonderful administrative team”